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What to buy:

As Per Dr Wish

Stocks show power , Market is in stage 2, GMI on buy signal, RWB , Stock is breaking out, is on support, oversold, turning up, no immediate earning release, strong Marketsmith fundamental rating & ranking, Evidence of increase volume buzz, stock on idb50 and marketsmith list – Credit to Dr Wish.

The GMI is back to 6 (of 6) and keeps me on the right side of the market’s trend, It will turn to Red when the GMI registers <3 for 2 consecutive days

GLB – On monthly chart – all time high 1st time high does not surpassing 3 months, rest for 3 months and trys again

yellow band stocks – week chart – stage 2 stock stays above avg10 week , falls below 10avg get out , 4w line above 10w line above 30w line

Green Dot works on daily chart stock trading above 30day and 30 week moving avg line and its in uptrend , can signal end of downtrend below the 30 avg 2nd or 3rd time it occurs. Buy with 1 to 3 day of green dot indicator while stoc 10.4 is under< 75. look for volume increase , MACD & RS , use purple and orange dot as well, PGO indicator.

Start buying TQQQ on the first day of a new QQQ short term up-trend and accumulate it as the up-trend continues, The key is to buy TQQQ on Day 1 even though the new up-trend is most suspect. Profitable strategy to make an initial purchase of TQQQ, the 3x leveraged bullish QQQ ETF, on U-1. I then slowly accumulate TQQQ as the trend persists.

SPY close back below its 30 week average it could signal another vicious leg down

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