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About me

About me

I am Mitul Patel. I am a Videographer & Photographer based in Dallas TX.

Photography & Work

Hi, I am Mitul Patel. I am a videographer and a photographer based in Dallas, TX. My Passion for Film/Television brought me into Video&Photography world, therefor I enhanced my skills by going to Film School and completed my BFA in Fine Arts. I started my career as a video editor in 2004 and stepped in the field to shoot photos and videos in 2007 . I have been working for 10 + years shooting photos & videos.  I use full-frame cameras and professional high end lenses to get the best result.

As I reflect my life, Photo & video for special occasions, conventions and parties that got me introduced to many people. And I'm most grateful to those people who chose me to share in their joy as i provided contribution that is real and lasting. I promise to do deliver the best if i get hired to videograph and photograph your event.

Editting Photo & Video100%